Joel Madson (Global Training Network)

Great Teaching on Hebrews 11-12

I went to Overlake Christian Church on Sunday and had the opportunity to hear a great teaching. Joel Madson was there representing Global Training Network. Joel has been a pastor for 20+ years and and brings to the table a boat load of experience and an amazing heart.

The text for the teaching was The Hall of Fame of Faith (Hebrews 11-12)

Joel’s emphasis was great, looking at the the historical characters of the Bible and the amazing commissions and purpose filled lives that were given to them by God.  Joel then turned the tables on us and asked us to examine our own lives for 2006.

Have we been satisfied with our walk or do we desire more in 2007?

Are we willing to live like these men and women of faith with the potential that God might ask us;

  • To do something that the world might see as foolish
  • To give up some thing that might not even be wrong (it might just be God’s second best for us)
  • To go somewhere that might not be comfortable to us – or seem to make sense
  • To trust God to do the seemingly impossible in our lives

He closed with a great challenge: to get in the game to make a real commitment to the focus of Christ calling and purpose.

Lastly, the only way we can really get in the game is to have a holy desperation for God and His calling in our lives.  To come to God in recognition of our frailness and the need for His intervention in our lives.

Here is the Audio link to OCC then choose 12/31/2006 Audio

God bless you all and have a great new year.


8 thoughts on “Joel Madson (Global Training Network)

  1. I recently read that the Letter to the Hebrews seems especially relevant to the emerging Christian church in Africa. No doubt the examples of faith described in Hebrews 11-12 would particularly resonate there.

  2. praise be to GOD THE ALMIGHT.
    hows the ministry over there?
    am glad if you okay.
    i was blessed by the teaching you taught in ugandaat
    nkumba. Ma dancing team was blessed to and we hope to
    get more in the next conference.
    Greetings to all partners in the ministry.

  3. hi pastor joel how is the ministry am so happy to have atalk with agreat man of God, realy imiss and iwillnot forget you inmy life becouse the lord used you to change my lifethrough the confererce you organised in Nkuba .abnnd whwt am today is
    through you. nice stay . GOD BLESS YOU .From isaac mukisa makerere university(

  4. HI pastor praise GOD. i humbily requst you kindly, in the coming year to put us on your programme and help us to preach the gosple.the main reason why i have jotted this is to request you kindly to come and bless us though were in village. All the times you have been coming to uganda but you end in towns but also we need the gosple and many are not saved mostly in deep villages and in remote areas. may you come please and help us.thanks alot .from isaac ablawuwe mukisa ,

  5. AM ABLAWUWE ISAAC. ilove you all. i call upon somebody to come and sponsor me ,am student makerere university 1year student at the institute of psychology doing bachelor of industrial and organisation psychology

  6. hi pastor joe,once again i salute u in the name of above names jesus christ,am isac mukisa ablawuwe from makerere university doing industrial and organisation psycholgy,i would like kindly to support our minstry in spiritual welfare, itis in deep in the villaghe luweero but also these people needs the gosple. many preacher have tried but have not reached to the maximum point, people are dieing nakedly without knowing jesus christ yet that is our preach the gosple. and atleast may you please give me the advise how can i do to delive that message to the people, lord has put aburden to me and yet am studing , secondly the people in uganda mostly the big preacher doesnot feel that burden of delivering the gosple to villages.if there is any posibility may you please help us and you shall see the blessing of the lord jesu he said that blsesd are those who deliver the gosple.thanks isaac ablawuwe mukisa, .256774442856

  7. i love u pastor madson. am isaac astudent makerere university and God has called me to evangerise bt i donot have the pontial. pliz help me in ministring +2

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