My little Mormon Missionaries (Part 1)

So, one night my wife and I were watching TV when a commercial came on for the LDS…  They were offering a DVD and more information on their faith (along with a visit from their people, we found out while on the phone) and I thought, why not?  This could be fun!

So, I make the order of the DVD and set up a time for a little visit.

Initially, I have to admit I just wanted the guys in white shirts and bicycles to come over for a shoot-out.  I was more than confident that they would end up high tailing it out of the house with their tails between their legs.  Fortunately, as our meeting grew nearer, God (and of course my wife) reminded me that my attitude should not be one of slaying the villains, but an attitude of love and grace – so that they might know the truth.  Ouch.

Well, when the day of our first visit arrived, Elders Gordy and Timothy showed up (it took three visits for my wife to get their first names out the them).   Nice, young, well-groomed, fresh-faced and naive, boys in their early twenties.

I preceded to taking apart their theology.  It was quick and concise and half of which they didn’t even seem to know.

My wife asked me afterward why I would ask them a question about their beliefs and the Church of Mormon, and if they happened to hesitate for the slightest nano-second, I would go ahead and answer my own question.  Apparently,  I spent entirely too much time pointing out inconsistencies with regard to elephants in the Americas, scimitars, silk, and other discrepancies within the Book of Mormon.  I then again blew too much hot air discrediting a long line of prophets, apostles and such, Brigham Young as well as various writing such as the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.

Unfortunately, I imagine they left feeling a little bit confused and beat up (and maybe even a tad discouraged).  I knew they were no closer to the truth.  They were still insistent that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the inspired Word of God.

Before the Elders left, we set an appointment to resume our discussion focusing on Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon.

I will resume on that conversation next post.


3 thoughts on “My little Mormon Missionaries (Part 1)

  1. May I recomend a book? It’s titled “By the Hand of Mormon” by Terryl L. Givens. It’s an entertaining and scholarly read.

  2. Better yet, read “An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins” by Grant Palmer. It’s an eye opener to the true history of the LDS church, not just the whitewashed version they want everyone to buy into.

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