My Little Mormon Missionaries (Part 2)



In my initial conversations with the Elders, they kept ducking and dodging as I tried to corner them on a particular doctrine or position.  They agreed with my logic and admitted that they were probably not as well informed as I was with regard to the specifics of certain  Mormon doctrine.  By the end of our first conversation, the Elders were basically willing to concede that there were many things that they could not be sure of.  However, they said that Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon were “bullet proof” — even amidst certain seeming contradictions.  At our next big “sit-down”, I suggested we focus on Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon for a time and see what we could uncover since we were/are all willing to seek the truth.  We then dove into the multitude of Joseph Smiths false prophesies (prophesies of the men on the moon, Jesus’ coming, the government being overthrown, the list goes on and on).  From here, we turned to their Holey Book (get it – holey?).  My question was, “how can a book have 3,934 changes that are not spelling or punctuation corrections, without having the original gold plates for reference”?  Many of these changes are significant in doctrine…  As we started through the journey of learning how Native American Indians actually don’t become white when they become Mormon, I actually became quite shocked to see these elders (although squirming in their seats – or on my couch, rather)actually did not seem that concerned with the apparent discrepancies and errors in their beliefs.  Even after looking at “The Measure of a Prophet” in Deut 18: 20-22, they still stood firm in their conviction.  Now keep in mind, I had just spent 2 hours filleting their beliefs.

Next, an Elder explained that these discrepncies could be answered through “continuing revelation”.  “What in the world is that” I thought…  I mean hey, what are those guys smoking over their at that missionary house?  They went on to say that prophets made mistakes all the time.  Sometimes they spoke for God and sometimes, out of ignorance, spoke for their own agenda and belief.  After all, aren’t all men imperfect and sinful except for Jesus?  I could barely believe my ears.  I asked if they could show me a few — wait — how about ONE example of this in the Bible.  Unfortunately, our time was up as they had a dinner engagement that they had to attend.  We set up a follow up appointment for a few days later.

Next post the finale.  Continuing Revelation vs. the Truth.  Someone changes their beliefs…


2 thoughts on “My Little Mormon Missionaries (Part 2)

  1. You remind me of a specific person I taught while on my mission.

    You want one instance of a prophet making a mistake? What of Moses placing bats among birds? Any scientist will have a difficult time aligning with Moses’s construct of birds as given in the Bible seeing as bat’s have little more than warm blood and flight in common with birds.

    And on the changes, We have portions of the original and printer’s manuscripts used AND we’ve not stoped continuing revelation. So your claim of having those alterations as being egregious is silly, especially when the biggest example you can come up with and feign doctrinal significance is one on “white” and “pure” being exchanged. Even this demonstrates your lack of conversance with the book as the Book of Mormon in another instance references a change of skin color upon conversion, all seperate from the verse you reference.

    If you can come up with more novel disputes with our faith it would be appreciated, you’ve presented nothing here that’s not easily refuted and that I haven’t personally witnessed countless times, and I’m but a quarter a century into life.

    You don’t by chance live in California do you?

    Just curious.

  2. Keep up the good work Doug! Perhaps you were able to plant a seed of doubt [about their faith] in these young men. I used to be a Mormon before I did some actual research into its history and realized it’s based on nothing but lies and deception.

    Most TBM’s are tough nuts to crack since they think they already have “the truth”, but some are sincerely seeking it and will recognize it when they see it.

    HiveRadical, if there was even the slightest possibility that Joseph Smith lied (about anything!) would you want to know?

    Check out the podcasts available at for some great post-mormon insight. Start with the “Belief & Reason (McCue Episode 1) and work your way forward. [Warning: Contents are considered highly “Anti-Mormon”!!!]

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