An Answer to a Reply to a Christian: Sam Harris

Council for Secular Humanism

Is this it? Is this the Question that Secular Humanism has for the theistic community?

The long and short of Sam’s article is this: if the Bible were true and inerrant, then the Bible would have the cure for cancer in its pages. It would also be a reference book for DNA, mathematics and it would lay out the specifics of prophecy.

First, I will assume that since Sam Harris is an educated individual, he has been informed that many of our history’s scientists have sought out answers and been amazed by information supplied in the Bible, specifically in the fields of hydrology, geology, astronomy, meteorology, biology, and physics.  I am SURE it is not as complete as Sam Harris would like it to be…  In reading his article it sounds to me that he is looking for a text book.

As far as the specifics of prophesy for things with regard to the internet: this is trivial to God – our hope and salvation is not.  This is why He gives gives us even greater details than you would have asked.  See Daniel 9 (crazy specific).

Here is how I see it –  what Sam is doing would be the same as if I were a great Hydrologist who had to move to Alaska to provide research for global warming.  If, during my visit, I wrote love letters to my beautiful wife and you, or Sam, happened to capture these letters – you would potentially find scattered details of my daily whereabouts or the research and findings that I was working on.  But, if you took this love letter as the proof needed to validate or discredit global warming – the proof you wanted would not exist.  You may even say that I was wasting my time there.  Or, you might even go so far as to question my qualifications as a hydrologist.  The reason is because hydrolology or the proof of global warming is not the intent of my letters.  They are to express the love and longing I have for my wife.  The desire to see her again and the plans I have for her when we are re-united.

I would challenge Sam Harris and his followers to go back and read the Bible for what it is.  A love letter to mankind.  The story of the Redeemer.  Sacrificing Himself for our insufficiencies, that we may be together.

In Mark 8, the Pharisees come to Jesus and ask Him for a sign from Heaven to prove Himself.  He denies them.  Why?  First, Jesus’ motive throughout the Bible, with regard to His miracles, was not to prove who He was.  His motive was to provide mercy and hope for the people.  Had a sign been what these men needed to truly believe, they would have more than likely received it.  Unfortunately, they were only trying to disprove who Jesus was.  They were not asking with a sincerity or desire to be convinced.  We must examine our own hearts, what is it that we are really asking when we investigate Jesus.  Are we seeking truth – wherever it takes us – or to only strengthen our own beliefs and positions.

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