The Battle of Moving Toward Mission

So I have to ask, am I alone in my frustration?

I have recently started a “Moving Toward Mission” series at theSalem House of Prayer

The amazing thing is that there are tons of college kids in the area that are serious about making a difference in the Salem, Oregon area.

The frustration is the response that I am getting from the “religious community”. I have received numerous complaints from local churches in the area. The complaint is that we are gathering a large group of college students on a Saturday night which is apparently appearing disruptive to the local churches efforts in trying to create effective college ministries.

Am I wrong in being bothered by this? There isn’t an offering being taken and we are encouraging these kids to integrate into their local bodies and be an influence of movement.  Am I wrong in thinking that being on mission is more important than who is leading the charge where the people are gathering? I haven’t had complaints about doctrine or style, but, territory…

I would love your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “The Battle of Moving Toward Mission

  1. Sorry to hear this bro. Two of my hero’s both who have internationally known ministries, have led the way in my life and before the whole world of being the antithesis of territorialism. One actually encourages anyone in the earth to come recruit from among his ministry. The other close all of local churches that are led by him and his direct team (I believe that’s 5 churches now) for the entire month of July, every year, and encourage everyone to go visit other places in July and if you “land there” during this process then be blessed to stay. Don’t come back unless God wants you to. They have done this for years and years now with nothing but positive overall results. He will build His Church. We all just need to do our parts and if our part is really from Him then it can’t help but grow and be fruitful. Thanks for what your doing in Salem Doug and thank you God for the Church of Jesus Christ in Salem.

  2. Hey Doug. I got in touch with Rick Knight in an effort to track you down. A few of your friends have contacted me because they want to get in touch with you. I can pass the info on to you if you’re intested. You have a beautiful family. I am so happy for you that you’re life is blessed with such love. Isn’t being a parent the greatest thing???


  3. Just hold your meetings in the afternoon. I might recommend that you go to each surrounding church and get their buy-in. I am sure they don’t object. . .it is just making it a little tough on their planning, etc. As you know, church has become very business like. For the sake of unity and proper motives, I would graciously consult we each church in the area and find a time slot that is most harmonious with the general consensus. Remember, that revivial just starts with a very small effort that can take on a life of it’s own. I think you will find that by talking about what you are doing with your prayer groups, you will inspire the other churches over time to do the same.

    Rick Knight

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