Would Jesus Smoke With ME???


Would Jesus Smoke with me? If so what would he smoke, a cigar, a cigarette, or how about a “J”?

I would love your opinions on this topic. Is this a cultural issue or a moral one? If you think he would Why, and if you think he wouldn’t why not?

Does the time 2009 vs. 32AD vs. 1920s make a difference?

This is a topic that I will be taking on at the Forum at Bellevue College on Oct 20th.  So sound off and tell me what you think.


4 thoughts on “Would Jesus Smoke With ME???

  1. Would Jesus choose a chocolate mocha over a caramel machiato?

    Would Jesus eat gelato, or would he have yogurt ice cream?

    Would Jesus wear black nail polish?

    Would Jesus watch TV with you? Which programs?

    Hear are more questions you can add. Does this seem off topic? Maybe. Well, yes. But my point is: Do we really know the nature of God?

    Why did God even come down from heaven to walk among us? To have a smoke? Really.

    Jesus came for a very specific purpose. He came to deal with SIN. He came to give us a choice. Will we live for Him? Or will we live for Satan?

    Honestly, smoking is not the issue. How would engaging in this behavior bring glory to God. How does this behavior deal with sin? If Jesus was trying to reach out to people who took drugs, does He need to be taking drugs to minister to them? No.

    Are we to accept, tolerate, and participate in what the ‘world’ does to tell them about the gospel? Do we have to have an abortion to fully understand it?

    Absolutely not.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, and I agree that smoking isn’t the issue. The Issue is the heart of God and you are %100 percent right he came to deal with Sin, to redeem us, to release us from the bondage of sin and death, and to free us that we might demonstrate the righteousness of God.
      However the interesting thing to think about is do we hand cuff Jesus or the Church to a methodology,or is there freedom in that? Certainly not to the point of sin. But that is why I choose to ask the question around smoking. My father died of complications associated with smoking. I find it disgusting and unhealthy. However I don’t think it is a sin. At certain points in our history smoking was considered healthy. Would Jesus have smoke had he lived and breathed with the people then.
      Jesus drank but he would not have in the prohibition.
      All this to say we need to be in the world but not of it, but we do need to engage it. What should that look like are we being discerning in how we approach what we do and why.

  2. Whether smoking is ‘bad’ can be argued. Although, is Christianity a ‘don’t- do’ type of lifestyle? No. It is a proactive lifestyle of people sacrificing to bring glory to God.

    I don’t think the issue should be whether or not to smoke- or if it would classify as a sin or not. If we are focused on bringing God glory, smoking won’t even be an issue; we’d be too focused on how we can bring God His deserved Glory.

    Interesting you bring up the fact of ‘hand-cuffing’ Jesus to a certain methodology. It’s true that many Christians/Non-Christians do this! The ‘world’ today views Jesus as *only* love. He was much more. He is Justice, He is Truth, He is Jealous, He is love… In fact, Jesus did some extremely rude actions to get peoples’ attention and to deliver His message.

    When Jesus met with some pharisse’s in their house, He broke custom and scooped up food with an unwashed hand- a big ‘no-no’ in Jewish culture. Then He used some choice words to tell them how bad they are.

    According to *todays* standard, Jesus would be considered a Jerk. But why did he come? Just for peace and happiness? He came for division. He came for a choice.

    He came to deal with sin.

    My answer: If I was smoking, and If Jesus came to me, He might mention my lifestyle choices (in many biblical passages we find Jesus pointing out peoples’ sin). He would ask me to follow Him. He would present to me the gospel for me to make my choice. Then He would move on to tell others.

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