The Tension in the Battle of Gay Marriage (As I see it)

As an evangelical, Bible believing Christian; I find myself strangely disturbed in the battle against gay marriage. And not for the reasons that you might think. It’s not that I think people of the same sex should be married. I would actually say that I have a huge issue with that. It’s that as Christians we have really confused the issue.

Here is what I mean; I am an Ordained Pastor and perform a large number of weddings and one of the things that I Always represent is that Marriage is a religious institution. Now before you give me an Amen, Hallelujah. Understand that this is really a huge trap. As a conservative Christian we believe that marriage is to be an example to the world of Christ love for His bride the Church. Can you already see the problem here? Under that definition we should oppose all other forms of marriage, Islam, Buddhist, Secular, etc… Yet what we have done is gladly acknowledge and accept the liberties and rights given to us by our Civil authority and then we have said. “Well they (other cultures or religious beliefs) practice marriage we will allow them to practice here in our “Christian Country” or we will recognize the marriage that they bring as they immigrate from another country. Now, not only have we been silent in this issue we have never begun to squabble with our civil authorities in saying “hold on, I don’t want those Buddhist to share in the Civil liberties that our reserved for the religious institution representing Christ and His Body.”

Lets be honest, there are two different issues here, What is marriage? and what is our Civil authorities role in it’s support? If we insist that marriage is a Christian Institution. We may need to consider redefining that and forgoing the Civil Support and rights that come with it.  If marriage is not a religious institution; then we need to allow the civil authorities to define its recognition and practices.

Is marriage a precious representation of  Jesus and His love and sacrifice for the Church? If it is only that; we may need to redefine and be willing to turn away from the intermingling of Church and State. That is, if we are to have a voice. This would have to include any marriage outside of Christianity. All evangelical Christians would acknowledge that Baptism and Communion without Jesus are nothing more than a bath or a snack… Have we allowed the comfort of the imposed civil rights to soften up that we are willing to give marriage away?

But maybe we just need to say our marriage is holy and precious, yet we are willing to acknowledge that in the USA we are a melting pot of cultures, beliefs and people and we will allow out civil authorities to impart the civil rights of marriage to whom ever they feel is right?

I really don’t know if we can have it both ways… Marriage is ours! It is a religious institution! Yet we want the civil rights that the government distributes! Oh by the way anyone else regardless of belief can have them as well, unless of course your gay!!!!

In case you are wondering I will only perform marriages for professing Christian believers… Yet the idea of giving up all the rights afforded by our government is a scary one.

I am looking forward to your thoughts. I know this is controversial would love to hear other solutions that you may have, I know that I don’t have all the answers.


11 thoughts on “The Tension in the Battle of Gay Marriage (As I see it)

  1. I am personally in favor of gay marriage, not because I disagree that marriage is a religious institution but because our government should not have the authority to make that decision for us.

    They have taken church and prayer from our schools and our lives because it obviously isn’t something that the people in government feel is worth upholding yet they deny people civil liberties on a religious basis.

    I don’t think that the government should have it both ways. If there is a preacher or justice of peace out there willing to perform the ceremony, why should the government stop them? Divorce is at an all time high. We are a generation of broken families.

    If people of the same sex could do better, why should we stop them or penalize them by not offering them the benefits (insurance, social security) that we receive?

  2. What does the Bible teach? It is as simple as that….

    It is God’s expressed will as written in his Word that should be paid attention to. He is trying to teach us to benefit ourselves. Oh, if we would only pay attention.

    That being said….who gave “Christians” the right to try to prevent Gay marraiges, Abortions, campaign for Politicial movements…or any other effort to set the world straight? Jesus already said that he had all authority and that we should listen to him….Jesus said to preach the Good News of God’s Kingdom. He said to love our neighbors. He said to be peaceable with all. He said to display the fruits of the spirit.

    I believe this to be true….introduce people to a God of love, not one of hellfire, brimstone and condemnation…but the Creator, the God of Mercy and Love, the Father of Jesus, the Christ that willingly gave his soul in everyone’s behalf. Let them build a relationship with the true God.. Let them see and experience how obeying his laws and principles in their lives results in rich blessings. Show them the promises that God’s Kingdom will bring about here on earth….and prove how those promises can be trusted….that is the commision of true Christians…not trying to determine what we should do or not do about Gay marraige.

    1. Hey Tamie, Great thoughts, I think our first and foremost message should be the Gospel…And your right we need to be an example that people can see. The problem I have is with your first statement. What does the Bible teach? it’s as simple as that. There has been a strong biblical tension for years on what is the Christians responsibility when it comes to politics and social justice. Isn’t marriage part of God’s design for the world to know him by? Should we guard that? What do we do? There is such battle we have to make a decision of some sort. We can’t ignore the issue

  3. Doug,
    My first sentence was to say that I think Christians need to not worry so much about what the world does with marriage and worry about fulfilling their dedication to do God’s Will and live by his standards…and be Christlike with all people.

    I know that marriage was definitely part of God’s design initially for the world to be filled with families that would serve him and enjoy all the wonderful things he created…and still is…But then, Satan raised the issue of God’s right to Sovereignty…the Bible has laid out how God’s Kingdom, not Man’s Governments, will be the solution to all of earth’s woes….including all the controversy that is waging now about this issue.

    Marraige has not been successful in teaching people about God…look at the divorce statistics…and that is statistics of so-called Christians.

    When we dabble in the politics of men, who for the most part refuse to recognize God’s right to set down the guidelines and principles for us, including what constitutes a marriage….then are we making ourself a friend of the world and constituting ourselves as an enemy of God? After all, Jesus is our King, so how do we bend our knee or raise our protest signs in support of another. I guess it comes down to whether or not we trust that God’s Kingdom will take care of things and not trust in men to take care of the issues.

    Besides, Can you name one issue that the Government has truly conquered and solved?

    The Bible says to Wait on God. Make sure of the more important things. I think this whole controversy is a clever tactic of Satan to blurr the real issue of Universal Sovereignty.

  4. It seems to me that the Church’s mistake is applying scriptural passages meant for his Chosen Body to our wider culture. Is there a moral standard laid out in scripture by which his followers are meant to live their lives by? Absolutely.

    Does Christ ever tell us to make sure unrepentant sinners live by the same code of conduct? Absolutely not.

    The American Church’s mistake is in acting like the good ol’ US of A is God’s chosen people, and we rip Old Testament passages out of their historical, cultural, and religious context and apply them to the larger society we find ourselves in today. This has done a disservice to the cause of Christ, and when our culture (or the current target of our self-righteous ire) responds by lashing out at us, we are bewildered and saddened because they ‘just don’t know Christ like we do.’

    Do I believe the gay lifestyle is sinful? Yes, I do. Do I believe gay people ought to be allowed to get married to each other? Yes, I do. This is not a theocracy, but a democracy. It is inconsistent to value the freedoms we enjoy of freedom of speech, religious liberty, ownership rights, and the opportunity to enjoy ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’ while on the same hand denying the same rights and opportunities to others.

    1. Wow, love your thought. Thanks for being so concise… The only thing I would say is that different faiths should be able to own certain practices, maybe not by the actual practice but by name. Marriage vs Civil union but all the civil privileges should be the same..

  5. “They have taken church and prayer from our schools and our lives because it obviously isn’t something that the people in government feel is worth upholding yet they deny people civil liberties on a religious basis.”

    This is only partially true. And I know it’s not really the subject of the post, but I feel the need to address it.

    Prayer was not taken out of public schools. School mandated and supported prayer has been. If a student wants to pray, they can pray, provided they aren’t causing a disturbance in the class. But the public school, which is run from the government, should not be supporting or insisting on prayer.

    All that being said, I’m 100% behind gay marriage. As an atheist, I can get married in the US without ever being involved with any religion or religious institution. So there’s no good reason homosexuals can’t share that ability with me.

    1. Great points. I appreciate your feedback, I think when people say prayer has been taken out of school, they are referring to school supported prayer. Also what does a disturbance mean. That is super subjective which makes for a potentially messy situation. The only way to deal with this is to have some sort of objective measure which gets even more tricky, since then you have a civil institution regulating faith practices.
      Have a great day

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