Anderson Silva did not lose due to Showboating

Everyone I have talked to has been so insulting almost cruel in how they are saying that Anderson Silva lost his fight last night to Chris Weidman due to “Clowning” as USA Today would say or to Hubris or Showboating….

That just isn’t true. To be honest Anderson fought a very smart fight last night. The problem is that most fight fans don’t know enough about fighting to know what they saw.

Here is what happened. Anderson came out and fairly quickly realized that Weidman’s shot was to fast and that the younger fighter was to fast and to strong for him. Silva was being dominated on the ground in position, striking and submission attempts. It would have been almost a certain and ugly defeat had Silva continued to have the fight taken to the ground. Knowing that the there was little chance of defending against the shot, Silva did the smartest thing that he could.

He sought to keep the fight on his feet. The only way to do that was to showboat, to try to keep the carrot just out of Weidman’s reach and hope to capitalize on Weidman making a mistake.

So Silva went to work inside and outside low kicks keeping busy but always keeping his chin exposed enough that Weidman would keep coming forward. Silva couldn’t afford for Chris Weidman to re-group and slow down taking the fight to the ground. Anderson Silva had to take a calculated risk in getting Weidman coming forward that he might be able to take advantage of his aggression and allowing the fight to stay on his feet. If Anderson would have brought his guard up Weidman would have just taken him down again.

With Anderson’s striking prowess and ability to hit at off angles and off beat timing, This was a fairly smart bet. It just didn’t pay off for Him.,

Why did Anderson Silva lose? It wasn’t do to “clowning” or “pride” or “hubris” it was because he ran into a faster, stronger, more versatile fighter. Anderson chose a strategic risk that didn’t pay off.

He was a great champion during his reign.

Take time to learn the sport and respect the fighters.


4 thoughts on “Anderson Silva did not lose due to Showboating

  1. You make good points regarding keeping the fight on the feet, but Silva tried to defeat Weidman psychologically and showboated too much and got caught on the button by a much younger fighter. Both were factors in his loss.

  2. And he felt he neede to defeat Weidman psychologically because Weidman was so good. It was working, too, as it has against so many opponents; however, he went a bit too far against a very tough, younger, well-rounded fighter.

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