Here Are All Of The Nations That Incarcerate More Of Their Population Than The U.S.

This drives me crazy, Honestly People!!! Our over population of the prisons isn’t about Obama or privatization of the prison system or any of the other issues that I have seen casually into the comments system. It is about the tension of ideas that have been growing for decades. The tension is caused from an idea of formation and initial development and the many of the relatively current ideas of culture… The collision of these ideas are what have created the increase in crime as well as the ineffective criminal justice system that we have in place. Changing policy with out a change in cultural paradigm won’t work. We have to decide who we want to be as a country as well as who we have become before we can make changes. Currently no one wants to take point to the real issues for fear of offense. So we dance around the issues. We established a philosophy of government based in large part by the writing of Baron Charles Montesquieu (Spirit of Laws: 1748) We have built a building on a foundation that are not congruent, We need to either tear down the building and rebuild or rip up the foundation and start over. We can’t just pretend things will be ok
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