The Rhythm and Flow in Fighting & Life

Have you ever seen a great dancer without Rhythm? Me neither.  Of course that is a rhetorical question, for it is the music that directs and allows for the dancer to create beauty within its boundaries. It is the music which frames the potential for the dancer to visually and kinesthetically demonstrate the auditory boundaries of the music.

What frames the potential in fighting and in life. What allows for you to have effective rhythm, to move beautifully to have rhythm in your life?

Before we answer this lets look at music and dance a little closer. I will try to make this as simple as I can. A dancer seeks to move within the boundaries called Tempo this is the set unchangeable part of music.

Tempo generally ranges from what is called Largo that is 40-60 BPM to Prestissimo which is 200+ BPM. Hip Hop is around 80-115 BPM and Techno is 120-160 BPM


Within the Tempo they can move on the whole notes half note or quarter notes. for different effect but they have to stay within the tempo.

The artist (creative) part of dance is to recognize the Emotion of the music represented by Lyrics, Chords, and or Genre (major chords are generally happier or lighter;  and minor chords are generally darker or sad). Then the dancer tells a story with their movement that reflects the emotions set within the tempo.

In fighting  and life you don’t have the external boundaries of music to set your rhythmic bounds.  But you do have boundaries, there is a tempo with which to to move…so what is  that defines our rythem ?

Your mission, your environment and your resistance (opponent)

In fighting this is the starts very simple; The Mission is Victory, one fight at a time one round at a time one moment at a time. This is the tempo you hold on to above all else. It is the belief in it that allows you to climb into the ring, to endure a hard camp and to sacrifice time from anything that keeps you from it.

Environment can’t be changed so it forces you to conform and create within it bounds to reach the mission. It is the chords within the tempo that forces the story to be expressed differently. For a fighter it is the speed, the traction and the size of the ring or cage that determines the width of his stance, the speed of his footwork, or ability to post up, or control posture in the ring.

The resistance (or opponent) are like lyrics within the song. As the dancer you don’t get to write them but, how you move within it allows you to tells the story.  A fighter adapts to the resistance according to the environment to achieve the mission. He or she changes their angle of attack. The speed of their movement, their distance held because the understand the rhythm.

You hear great leaders and motivators talking about Rhythm in life. Watch a fighter and they will teach you what it looks like

Wake up every morning and set your heart and mind on the Mission. (influence , joy, health, right relationships)

Identify your environmental factors that will effect your daily movement with the pursuit of the Missions.. (sickness, relational conflict, deadlines, outward demands and distractions)

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” 
― John C. Maxwell

Now adapt to the Resistance, Who or what is your greatest opponent? Is it you? be honest? Is it you current career path? A toxic person in your life? Spend extra time in meditation or Prayer, Journal, work out, set time aside for those that you love. Eliminate things or people that eat your time and draw you down.

Now, you understand what creates rhythm, be creative within in. Allow who your identity your personality, your uniqueness to come out. Be an artist within the tempo. Dance, soar and glide.

Be the Champion you were made to be.











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