Here Are All Of The Nations That Incarcerate More Of Their Population Than The U.S.

This drives me crazy, Honestly People!!! Our over population of the prisons isn’t about Obama or privatization of the prison system or any of the other issues that I have seen casually into the comments system. It is about the tension of ideas that have been growing for decades. The tension is caused from an idea of formation and initial development and the many of the relatively current ideas of culture… The collision of these ideas are what have created the increase in crime as well as the ineffective criminal justice system that we have in place. Changing policy with out a change in cultural paradigm won’t work. We have to decide who we want to be as a country as well as who we have become before we can make changes. Currently no one wants to take point to the real issues for fear of offense. So we dance around the issues. We established a philosophy of government based in large part by the writing of Baron Charles Montesquieu (Spirit of Laws: 1748) We have built a building on a foundation that are not congruent, We need to either tear down the building and rebuild or rip up the foundation and start over. We can’t just pretend things will be ok
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Approaching homosexuality

So I haven’t been able to shake this note I received on Facebook. The note is from a sophomore at a Christian College in the pacific northwest. His major is of course Psychology.
Doug….I got some questions for you:
1. What would you say to someone, a Christian psychologist, who states that you should approach “treatment” with homosexuals by trying to make them heterosexual, trying to show them their wrong, and altering their sexual perceptions to an accurate sexual drive.
Answer: I would say that the approach to all  of our sins is not to focus on our sins, but to direct our gaze and hearts toward Christ. The second thing I would say is that if we as Christians believe that Homosexuality is not a issue of nature but nurture. I would seek uncover the hurt, pain and issues that might be the triggers for the sexual sin. (Although Jesus said to go and sin no more, He brought healing first.) Lastly I would point out that we should be teaching that those of us that struggle and stumble the most are the one that God calls to come boldly to the throne of grace, to receive His grace and mercy.

2. How is homosexuality different than other sins?
Answer: It isn’t necessarily, however it is sexual, physical and cultural. Which gives it a stronger hook than many types of sin. One other thing, we have all heard the expression that every believable lie is mixed with a little truth. Homosexuality although it is  a sin that doesn’t mean that there cannot be very authentic genuine feelings tied into the relationships. No different than adultery.

3. How do you treat/counsel someone who is homosexual (as a Christian)
Answer: The same as any other sin; love them, encourage them in their walk, Exhort them to good works, direct them in their giftedness

4. Do you, and if so, when you bring up the whole, “your lifestyle is a sin, and let’s work on changing it?”
Answer: If they are a non believer,  not until they come to a place of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good. (that is a whole question in itself.) If they are believer, I always ask why they are at the office and allow conversation to unfold naturally.  Maybe we could all need to relearn the age old lesson; people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Or just to be quick to listen and slow to speak…

The Battle of Moving Toward Mission

So I have to ask, am I alone in my frustration?

I have recently started a “Moving Toward Mission” series at theSalem House of Prayer

The amazing thing is that there are tons of college kids in the area that are serious about making a difference in the Salem, Oregon area.

The frustration is the response that I am getting from the “religious community”. I have received numerous complaints from local churches in the area. The complaint is that we are gathering a large group of college students on a Saturday night which is apparently appearing disruptive to the local churches efforts in trying to create effective college ministries.

Am I wrong in being bothered by this? There isn’t an offering being taken and we are encouraging these kids to integrate into their local bodies and be an influence of movement.  Am I wrong in thinking that being on mission is more important than who is leading the charge where the people are gathering? I haven’t had complaints about doctrine or style, but, territory…

I would love your thoughts.

Watched the Saddam hanging today

I watched the Saddam cell phone video today.  Although it was one of the most just and deserved executions in our history, there is still tragedy there.

I can’t help but think, here was a man who lived his life turning away from the one true God and will live an eternity separated from God.  No matter how cruel and mercilessly he lived his life, it is still horrible that even to the point of his death he chose a lie over the truth.

No one that I know has earned this tragedy more than Saddam.  Yet, I still wish that at some point he would have chosen God’s truth and love.

Hopefully I can remember Saddam’s death as a reminder to myself to be even more diligent in sharing God’s truth with this world.